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Mountain Goat Hunting

Mountain Goat on a cliff

We offer mountain goat hunting in the same great hunting area that milligan outfitting uses.

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Grizzly Bear Hunting

Grizzly Bear

For many hunters, the thrill of outdoor adventure is greatest when you hunt a giant of an animal that also can hunt you.

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Black Bear Hunting

Black Bear in Woods

We specialize in personalized bear hunts with no crowds, you will see 10 - 30 bears each day. Our target will be for you to get a 7’ bear although we have bigger ones.

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Taxidermy Services

Taxidermy Grizzly Bear

We offer Taxidermy services for animals acquired through our hunts

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Nisga’a Guide Outfitting LP

Nisga’a Guide Outfitting Limited Partnership (NGO) is one of seven divisions of Nisga’a Pacific Ventures Master Limited Partnership. NPV is the economic arm of Nisga’a Lisims Government – the governing body of the Nisga’a Nation (www.nisgaanation.ca). NGO provides an economic activity conducted in a successful manner.

Our purpose is to lead the Nisga’a Nation’s economic development by establishing profitable and sustainable businesses and maintaining a triple bottom line focused on social, environmental, and economic factors.

Hunting Area

The area where Nisga’a operates is noted throughout the hunting community, and it isn’t hard to realize why! It was previously owned and operated by Bob Milligan for 27 years and is, by far, the largest guide territory in the province. This is good news for clients, who recognize that the largest territory also delivers opportunities to harvest the largest quality and quantity of game. Clients worldwide regularly contact Bob asking for assistance in harvesting some of the world’s biggest mountain goats, black bears and grizzly bears—and he delivers.

The Nisga'a's, hunting area is located 500 miles northwest of Vancouver. Commercial flights from Vancouver with Air Canada and West Jet will get you here. Hunters should fly to Terrace & Prince Rupert. The date and time of your arrival in Terrace or Prince Rupert will depend on your specified hunt. We will notify you in advance which location to fly to.

Getting Here

You will now need a passport to come to Canada. Air Canada charges a $65.00 fee to handle firearms.

Nisga'a guide mountain goat, grizzly and black bear hunting area map

Guide Outfitting in BC

British Columbia, without a doubt, contains some of the world’s most hostile and unforgiving terrain. From swift-flowing rivers to steep, snow-capped mountains, it is not to be taken lightly. Despite its extreme and remote landscape, the province is also home to an array of majestic yet often deadly wildlife: moose, mountain goats, grey wolves, black bears and the infamous coastal grizzly bear. Only the strongest and most highly skilled frontiersmen have what it takes to make a living in the challenging and often dangerous backcountry. These people are known as guide outfitters and belong to an organization known as the Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia (GOABC). Well-known within its ranks is premier guide outfitter Bob Milligan who lives, hunts and fishes in the areas specifically known for the highest black- and grizzly-bear population densities. Clients who put their lives in his hands recognize that he is the heart and soul of guiding in British Columbia’s remote wilderness.

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